Autumn Programme for KAS, 2021


  • Main themes: late summer, autumn. Food and flowers in autumn. People and birds/animals in landscapes.

  • Drawing skills with different mediums: pencils, pens, crayons.

  • Abstraction, how to take an image beyond literal. Halloween, pumpkins, colours, food. 

We hope you enjoy the topics. You are not obliged to follow this slavishly, and you can always "do your own thing"!


NB For some topics/skills specific tools and mediums will be needed. Please do not go out and buy stuff....pens, inks, pencils, crayons, and some brushes will be provided where needed. If you do have your own materials, please bring them on the appropriate session.


Session/date.   Topic/theme:                                


Sept 15th.        Filling techniques/brush strokes.

Julie - ways of creating different effects with a variety of brushes: sword, rigger, hake, flat, round. Brenda - Acrylic Brushes

Late summer subject. Fruit/flowers. 

Sept 22nd.       Filling techniques/brush strokes.  Contd. 


Sept 29th.       Drawing. Still life using pencil, crayons, pen and ink. Line, tone, shading.

Brenda to introduce the activity. 

*** Time set aside for the Extraordinary meeting. 


Oct 20th.          Abstraction. Using a variety of starting points, how do we simplify and create a non-literal image? Brenda to lead. 


Oct 27th.          Putting people and animals/birds ina landscape. Julie and Brenda will lead this together. 

 *We suggest that people research and view Hazel Soan's Youtube videos on this technique. 


Nov 17th.          Putting people and animals/birds in Contd. 


Nov 24th.         Halloween. Pumpkins. Autumn colours.

Mixing oranges and autumn greens. (Any medium.) Mixed media? Collage? Experiment? 


Dec 15th.         Final session - Short painting/finishingoff session, review of the term's output, with 

comments and suggestions for future activities. Bring nibbles